You Giddy>! get giddy. stay psyched! put da team on da back!

I got asked to be a part of something! good feeling!

Psyched to be part of the Giddy Team. Company out of NC!

I look forward to starting a relationship with these guys!

Check their stuff out!…



rotten egg(v9) old nemesis at rocktown!

rad one left of rescue 911(V9)

Willful Suspension(V10) rocktown

Sharpen your teeth(V11) Rtown


Shadow Jumper(V11)

Bloody Knuckles(V11)

gotta get back for SO many in AR!!! coolest JUG tour !! so psyched!

Color of Fire(V10) real good cool holds!

Looking Glass

Ramp Sit(V10)

Glass Arete(V10)

death by dyno(V6)

street car named desire(V9)


On lost cause boulder…. left side… start lost cause, go left through arete to roof and out… The End(V10)??

So many projects!!! Train NATE, TRAIN!!! stay away from the bad things!

Down by the River(V9) sick one Rami!

Crazy dihedral with hard copout. (V10) mountain brook. psyched!

Down Payment(V9) another one down! GIDDYYYYYY


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