What would you do for your sponsors? I pierce my lip! Make sure you always show some love! Let them know you haven’t forgot about them or take them for granted! yeah, a pay check similar to other sports would be great, but as athletes we have to help build the climbing world and show people just why we do nothing else! BE A ROLE MODEL HOMES!!

And Stay psyched, appreciate the gym you have! Quit shitting on it. At one point, it wasn’t even there! 

Don’t judge, don’t stereotype! Help a new climber out! Never know what this new found interest can do!  what it’s the answer to or the future it could bring for them. 

We all hate being categorized into a group of dirty hippies. They probably don’t like being placed in a superficial click either! 

Be Real. don’t be misunderstood!!WAYNE!!

I think I’m misundersttooood.


One response

  1. nic

    Well said.

    November 25, 2012 at 10:36 pm

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