I’ll Stomp YoU DuDE.


Bad bad footage from computer web cam. Cameo shot of a racist redneck named Pancake!!  Slow Mo part matched up in Chrome’s Track. 52 secs. my slow mo isn’t there though! hah

BEen posing a good bit lately as well.   I’m in Franklinton right now chilling with family, ladder rapping a lot, and commentating to myself about sessions at TRccc!

And some other ideas I’ve been exploring, helping the underD()Gs!…. you N()!

Many rUles are ()ut there! ?üßå? Country has the boundaries SEt. By defaulT, we are Being T()!D what we cAn dO! Eventually, what EYE sh()ulD d(), A-n-D so ()n! That is the Fear !

I’m lost in this book!




One response

  1. Travis Gray

    luvin the inverted cam.. keep up the crushing!

    May 13, 2012 at 6:49 pm

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