2012 is A Number

What Up!

Christmas was good. Time with family and free food is always fun!

Got back to Chatt and had some good days…. Finished off some projects from last year… Dragon Slayer(V11), BERT(V11) and The Shield(V12). Very psyched!! The Shield is supposed to be the number 1 boulder in the country. Its a good one for sure! I do not know what my favorite is. I’ve gotten the same feeling on that thing as I have on so many others. Its hard to tell. I’m gonna start referring to things as there ranking in quality….. For instance…. Last week, I totally flashed boulder #386! Not sure on the name though.

Same day I did the Shield…. I messed my back up, taking a good twenty footer off the top of Kaya(V7). I shoulda just dropped. But what can you find out, if you do not go for it??… Should only be out for 2 weeks I hope… L5 Vertebrae strain. Then get back to kicking DDD’s in with Doug and homies!

Dang son…. black and red is not good!




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