Hound Ears and Deer

What Up!

I got back from the first leg of the triple crown a few days ago. Temperatures were great and people were psyched! I decided to try competing, since I usually give up at these kinds of things and just try to do new stuff. My goal was to finish and try not to have any V8s on my scorecard. Turned out pretty well, and I ended up sticking with it, finishing 2nd behind my homie, Brad Weaver. This weekend is the Stone Fort comp. Hopefully it isn’t too warm.

Back to Hound ears…

Shout out to Boone homies… B-Clev winning Star Chasers this year, Tilley coming away with second, and Purpur with third place. Josh S. also killed the game with the Premium Blend! Think they walked away with 6 free six packs of beer.

The comp was canceled on Saturday, due to snow and wet top-outs. Voges and the rest of the crew decided to go to Lost Cove. It was dry! Kratos(V12) it was! I’d never given it any work, because of the heinous crimps, but decided what the hell, I’ve been working on crimps and edges the last year or so. Ended up doing pretty well on it…. tired of writing…. Got close on the middle move(you’ll see in this video of Voges doing it), and did the rest. Excited to return! Here’s a video Voges put together of Kratos(V12) and two new ones at Hound Ears…..

Besides that, I haven’t tried selling my body for money yet.

The new background picture is my Uncle Davis, just after his run in with the queen.


Nate D


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