From NC, to VA, to the Rendezvous

What up!

Last couple weeks since leaving Chatt, I’ve been in Raleigh with Holly. We’ve been trying to make as much money as we can leading up to CO in just two weeks. So Psyched!! I’ve been specifically working on crimping for the past 8 or so months with a lot of hanging on the moon board and crimp boulders at the TBA and TRC. I’m excited to see how things pay off against some of my unfinished obsessions.

I’m just going to sum things up with a few words and pictures….

Last weekend we helped forerun with setters, Shane Messer and Jeremy Hardin at the Rock Dominion Comp in Richmond. Mad crazy wall designed by Brent Quesenberry. Freestanding volumes, in a cage!!
DPM video..

I will never complain about awkward padding, a small warm up wall, or anything at a comp ever again! After helping out, I learned a lot and realized how much work goes into to these things. Dope job everybody, Great times!

And about an hour ago, we got back from the New River Rendezvous!! I missed it last year, but was psyched to head down this year. Holly and I headed out Thursday night with Rami and Taylor a few hours behind. The goal of the trip was chill with friends and hopefully finish the bouldering comp, which was your top 20 boulders this year. It was a high of 80 degrees on Saturday, but things were mostly dry. Couldn’t ask for much more! I usually always give up at these kinds of things and end up focusing on only doing new stuff and hanging out. This time I stuck with it though and wasn’t willing to let the summer heat win. Holly and I managed to complete our goal and laughed a lot with fellow moonshine drinkers, good ole WV folk, and climbers from all over!  My friend Nic showed me some rad blocs deep in the woods too!! I would love to get back in the fall and have at em’.

Until then,

Yard Work, Washing dogs at my moms office, summer school, and training….

Peace Yo!

Nate D.


2 responses

  1. Nate whats up buddy its Dalton. Yo I got a job in boone so im back in the mountains. Im working on a full length bouldering movie, i’d love to film with you this upcoming season! i got a real sick idea for this flick. my phone is all broke up, but let’s link up! i know its a lil too hot for ya in boone, but once it cools down you and holly are welcome to crash at the crib. oh yeah ask her if shes down for a video part!? its gonna be ill dun! hope you are well bro. peace!

    June 11, 2011 at 8:23 pm

  2. NateD.

    Word ! I’ll be in touch man! thinking bout trying to be in boone in october.

    June 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm

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