Black and Yellow

What up!

App state’s school color’s are black and yellow..

Anyways, chillin in Boone for the past few weeks trying to escape the heat that a summer in the south always brings. Its been a very nice trip and I’ve put away some long term projects I’ve been trying for years… The goal of the trip was to do Black Crack(V12). Last trip I managed to do all the moves and after a few days of refining beta and drinking bourbon this trip, I put it together!

Black Crack(V12). Zack Silberman shots.

I get bored of writing pretty quickly. Me and concentrating don’t mix too well…

So, Preston came to town over the weekend and shot some nice pics. I’m sure he’ll be posting them soon…. Here some nice pics from him!

Holly working out Flagyl(V10). She made some nice links!! Next year for sure!

Preston making quick work of Masochist(V10). RSPPC!

Trying to finish off Senderella(V12).

As for other plans, Holly and I are heading to Raleigh tomorrow to visit my family for a few days. Then its back to Chatty or maybe Boone or maybe Atlanta. Any way to stay psyched and make some money during the summer is all I’m looking for really. Hopefully, a trip to CO or Squamish in June. Until then, training and NASCAR is my game.

Peace Yo!



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