A quick AR trip…

What up!

I’ve been feeling a sick the last week or so with so kind of cold or something. I feel weak and tired all the time, and it feels rough to try hard. Hopefully it all goes away soon!

Last weekend Me, Holly, Jo Beth, Brad, Brion, Preston and Hayley took a short/epic 19 hour drive to AR. I guess ARkansas isn’t used to snow or ice. Try driving your car on an ice rink. It doesn’t work too well! My goal for the trip was to finish off Southern Lean(V11). When you go on a trip with many people and many agendas, its important to not put your own expectations too high. That way you never let yourself down and only set yourself up for surprising yourself. First day, we all went down to try Southern Lean(V11). With in a few hours, me, Brad, Voges and Preston all figured out some beta and did the rig! GETTT UUMM!!  Voges got some footage…. Him doing Shadow Jumper(V11) also.

Here’s a few more shots…

Preston Doin it Big on One Inch Pinch(V12). Holly McMullen Pic.

This is randoomm, but peace..




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