Boone Trip…


My skin got wrecked…. Sunday Service will go soon! Got the dyno together! Kinda doing it consistently… first time I’ve done it in 3 years!!… trainin, trainin, trainin… Aint slept in Weeks!

Some pics from Vog!

Here’s a dope video from homie Brad Weaver of last weekend… GOOD STUFF!!!!

Vid includes:

Nintendo Thumb V8
Black Crack V12
All Jazzed Up V9
The Last of the Mohicans V11
Will’s Dyno V9
Room With a View V10
Clamper V8
Raw Meat Sit V9

Best Boone issshh I’ve watched!

Chatty is startin to cool off!!!

and Rami with A TRACK… wHite PAAANNNNDDAAA




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